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Worksite Wellness

Are you ready to fatten your bottom line by making your employees fitter? Don't wait to invest in the health of your employees and the wealth of your business!

What is Worksite Wellness?

Worksite wellness refers to any organized, employer-sponsored effort to facilitate healthy behavior changes among their employees and to create a supportive culture to sustain those healthy behaviors. Other terms used interchangeably to describe worksite wellness include corporate wellness, workplace wellness and corporate health promotion.

How will your employees benefit from teaming with OmniSport?

OmniSport provides the expertise and experience to effectively plan, design, implement and evaluate your own custom worksite wellness program. OmniSport offers comprehensive health risk appraisals as well as fitness and wellness programs designed specifically to fit the unique needs of your employees. When you team with OmniSport, your employees will enjoy improved health status, increased productivity, more job satisfaction, improved morale, lower personal health care costs, an enhanced sense of self responsibility, and a renewed energy for teamwork.

How can a worksite wellness program impact our bottom line?

Improved employee health means better business results. A typical return-on-investment (ROI) from a corporate health promotion program is $3.27 per every dollar spent. Your organization will benefit from significant savings in health care costs, less absenteeism, lowered worker's compensation claims, improved productivity, and greater employee satisfaction and loyalty.

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To Your Healthy Workplace!